About Me

🌸Heya, digital wanderers!🌸

I'm a game-playing, YouTube-bingeing, anime-loving introvert who likes to dabble in the adventurous side of life from the comfort of my keyboard. Curiosity might have killed the cat, but it only fuels this cat's thirst for knowledge and exploration. 🎮🌎

You'll often find me immersed in the melodies of J-pop and J-rock, with RADWIMPS, Yumi Matsutoya, and Rammstein giving the soundtrack of my life some spice. I also happen to be a hardcore fan of Gawr Gura, making waves in my playlist. 🎵🎶

Creativity for me is like a boomerang. It might go off on its own tangent, but it always comes back with something exciting and unexpected. I love tinkering around my server, turning it into my own digital playground – my current project is this very MySpace page. 💻🚀

My entertainment tastes are as varied as the colors of the rainbow. "Warrior Cats" caught my imagination in the world of books, while in the realm of movies, Transcendence, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings are some of the epic journeys I've enjoyed. If we're talking anime series, then Anohana, No Game No Life, and the inspiration for my MySpace theme, Oniichan Wa Oshimai, win hands down. 📚🎥🌈

I'm passionate about catgirls, convinced that the future of brain-computer interfaces will make that dream a reality. And speaking of cats, I've got one of my own, my beloved feline friend who is both my companion and spirit animal. 😺💕

So, that's a bit about me, a playful introvert with a rich digital life, a penchant for anime and a dream of a future filled with catgirls. 🌟🌸


  • 🎵 Music: J-pop
  • 🎬 Movies: Transcendence
  • 📺 Anime: Oniichan Wa Oshimai
  • 🎮 Gaming: Epic adventures in Guild Wars 2
  • 🐱 Passions: Catgirls and my own beloved feline friend


  • 💖 Status: Single, and open to making new friends
  • 👫 Here for: Companions in this wild, digital adventure
  • 📏 Height: A towering 184cm (6'0"), the better to reach for the stars...or just the top shelf